“Ah food, we have had a long and happy love affair. Growing up in Alaska, we were surrounded by incredible, from scratch cooks who made some of the best meals with what they had.  From grandma’s Sunday fried chicken, our mom’s legendary feasts and our weekly taco Tuesday dinner, we have eaten well and learned that the best meals are prepared simply, take time, and are best enjoyed with loved ones.

In Alaska, the average meal typically came with a story. Whether it was the history of a 100 year old sourdough starter, or the adventure required to hunt a caribou, there was always a rich story to enhance the understanding and appreciation of every meal.   

It is this understanding of food that eventually shaped The Goat and Vine story. It was so important to us to give the restaurant a literary reference in its name because we believe that the food we create tells its own story, and that the people that come to our table become characters in that story and influence the way in which the story ultimately is told.   

We look forward to the many years of continuing to write the story with you and the many legendary meals that we will share in at our table.”      


-Brad and Alicia Trevithick