We begin with excellent ingredients and a passion for preparing rustic and real food. All of our dishes are made from scratch here in The Goat & Vine stone hearth kitchen. We're roasting fresh chicken, marinating and roasting prime steak, making our own Italian sausage, and crafting mother’s meatballs with our fresh sausage and Kobe beef. We create every dressing and aioli in house. We roast garlic for our garlic olive oil, caramelize our pecans, use San Marzano tomatoes for our homemade marinara sauce, and we make our own signature walnut-basil pesto.

Our sourdough breads and pretzel buns are made from scratch and baked every morning in our stone hearth oven. We make our pizza dough with Italy's renowned Caputo flour. And though our pizzas may not always be round, we make everything that goes on them so we're proud to serve them to our amazing community.

We feature twelve beers on tap, always a selection of some of California's finest. Our wines are specifically chosen to be approachable and easy on the wallet, without compromising quality. We’ve chosen varietals from California’s central coast, Spain, Italy, France, and Temecula. We have the perfect house wine for a glass with your pizza, or an amazing bottle to linger over with friends while enjoying a charcuterie board of cured meats and phenomenal cheeses. Our seasonal sangria will feature the freshest fruits and vanilla bean infused vermouth.  Have a glass to yourself or share a carafe.

 We have over a dozen gourmet cheeses, many of them brought to you from Europe. We serve artisan cured meats of the highest quality, including capocollo ham, prosciutto, pepperoni, and sopressata.  And don’t forget our cookies. Made the old fashioned way with butter, chocolate, and love. It’s hard to find a better one in town.

Our desire to provide an exceptional experience extends into the comfortable and classy dining room. We borrow from century old design and combine a bit of rural-whimsy to offer a playful and easing atmosphere for everyone.


The vine was covered with clusters of grapes and its shoots were as vigorous as its fruit. A goat began to eat the vine, indulging his outrageous appetite. He had already wreaked havoc on the fresh shoots when the vine said to him, 'You will pay for this outrage! The time will soon come when you will be sent as a holy victim to be sacrificed, and I myself will be the one to supply the wine for the libation!